About the Gloucester Rangers

For those who are feeling a little more competitive, the next step up from Rep B is Gloucester Rangers Minor Hockey.

Where “The Blues” is teams of Blackburn, Orleans and Gloucester (only) Players, the Rangers are teams of Players coming from all across the GHA.

It is harder to make a Gloucester Rangers team; it is more travel & commitment (both time & money) if you are successful; but it is a harder, faster, and an overall higher level of hockey when you play there.

These Ranger teams play competitive “AA” & “A” hockey against all other hockey districts in Eastern Ontario – Pembroke & Brockville to Hawkesbury & Cornwall.

Information can be found at http://gloucesterrangers.com/page.php?page_id=43134

Gloucester Rangers game schedules and league standings are all posted on the league’s official website.

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