Remainder of Season is Cancelled…

UPDATE:  4 on 4 Spring Hockey has been cancelled for the 2021 Season as well.  Please see here for more detail.

The BMHA’s decision to cancel the remainder of the hockey season was not taken lightly. This decision was made in consideration of multiple factors, not the least of which being the health and wellness of our members.

Upon entering into the ‘Red Zone’, continuing our hockey operations for the remaining 10 days was deemed no longer viable for our association. This decision took into consideration both the short and long-term needs of our association as we look ahead to next season.

The refund for the remainder of the season is $37.50 per player. As there are many people in the community negatively impacted by Covid, there is the option to donate your refund to a local charity should you wish to do so. Please complete the short survey via the following link to confirm whether you would like to donate to a local charity or to have the refund returned to you directly.

Please complete the survey regarding your refund by end of day Thursday, March 25, 2021 by following this link.

Respectfully,  BMHA Board