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The BMHA Fair Play and Safety Program is designed to ensure that our youth are given the opportunity to participate safely and with respect in our national sport. Thus we want to encourage, foster and enhance the aspects of safety and respect, both on and off the ice, by all participants involved. Fair Play encourages all players to be as competitive as possible, but only within the rules of the game. Fair Play does NOT take away from winning; it teaches the “sport” of hockey and provides life long lessons in respect, teamwork, and friendship.  There are components of the BMHA Fair Play and Safety Program for all hockey participants.

There is a Pledge for Parents, Players, Team Officials and Coaches.  It is mandatory that all participants review and sign the appropriate BMHA Fair Play Pledge prior to the beginning of regular season games.

The pledge forms can be downloaded using the links on the right of this page.


Some things that Parents should be doing:

  • Communicate to your child, in a positive manner, areas that the coach is trying to focus attention.
  • The only yelling from the stands should be encouraging calls, backing-up areas that the coach is trying to focus attention on.
  • Show respect for the officials, learn more about the standard of play, and the different signals that officials use.
  • Be positive and avoid reacting negatively when a penalty is called.
  • Work with your coaches to teach the players what is expected of them.
  • Encourage respect for the team-mates and other players around your child.
  • Visit the Hockey Canada Website, to always be gathering knowledge of the game, and areas that you can help.
  • Always allow opportunity for your child to describe to you what happened at today's practice or game from their view point.
  • Encourage, in all ways, your child to develop a positive attitude towards healthy competition, co-operative teamwork, fair play and grace under pressure.
  • Watch out for other young players and report any inappropriate behaviour or abuse to your coach, convenor, or any member of the Association's executive.

NOTE on ABUSE: All team officials (coaches, managers, trainers) and BMHA convenors/executive members are required to take a "Speak Out Against Abuse" training course, that is helpful identifying and reporting any inappropriate behaviour or abuse by parents.

NOTE on REFEREES: Many parents do not realize that the referees at your child's games are generally slightly older players from our own area Associations. Just as your Atom or Peewee aged player is working at improving their game, so too are these Bantam and Midget aged Referees trying to improve their skills. Of course they make mistakes. Remembering that they are human, in fact they are your neighbours children, can help to make the game more fun for everyone.

For more on this please click to take time to read the "Referee is only Human" article.

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