Jersey Care


Believe it or not, your jerseys take the majority of abuse not during the game, but when they're not being used at all. To get the maximum life out of your jersey follow these simple tips:

1. Hang it up and use the garment bags given to you.. Rolling your jersey into a ball and leaving it in your bag until the next game is only going to damage the logos and numbers.

2. Wash it! Not only is it a bad idea to leave your jersey in your equipment bag, it's unsanitary. Remove your jersey (and all other equipment for that matter) from your bag as soon as you arrive home from playing to prevent or at least limit bacteria growth. Turn your jersey inside-out and wash it in cold water with mild detergent. Hot water can loosen adhesives that are used to hold the logo patches and numbers in place before sewing making them appear puckered or bumpy. Turning the jersey inside-out will prevent other items in your wash from damaging the customization that is applied to the jersey.

3. Hang to dry! Just as with hot water, heat from dryers can also damage customization and give your jersey a less than desirable appearance. Jerseys, logos, and numbers are all polyester therefore they air dry very quickly after a wash and spin.

Following these easy tips will ensure that you'll enjoy your Stingers jerseys for many seasons to come.

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