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This page is intended to provide individual team members with information and resources to help them participate in a fun and safe environment  Other sections of this web site will also provide information that each parents, player and coaches need.

The Head Coach is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of team management are carried out through a team of volunteers.  These volunteers will include other team officials (Assistant Coaches, Trainer, Manager) and others who perform a range of functions essential to team success, e.g. timekeepers, official scorers, treasurer, etc.  In most cases responsibilities are spelled out and yet even with that it is important to take the time necessary to discuss and agree on how duties will be carried out and support provided to each volunteer and the team.

Game Day Activites

This area outlines the activities associated with the teams operations on Game Day.




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Fair Play and Safety Pledge

The BMHA Fair Play and Safety Program is designed to ensure that our youth are given the opportunity to participate safely and with respect in our national sport. Thus we want to encourage, foster and enhance the aspects of safety and respect, both on and off the ice, by all participants involved.

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Team Management

This section outlines the management tasks required to run the team.




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Respect in Sport

The Respect in Sport Program is an online certification program designed to protect our youth as well as enhance Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO)'s mandate of providing a safe and fun environment for all participants.



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Team Resources

The day to day operations of a team require access to many different types of resources.  This section provides link to many essential resources that your team need do to its day to day business.


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Player Evaluations

Player evaluation are generally done at the the beginning of the season to place the players at the skill level that they are best suited for.  Qualified evaluators monitor the players during skills drills as well as scrimmage game play.


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Welcome to all new and returning hockey players.   We are pleased that you have decided to play hockey this season and to join in nearly 400 other players from within the Blackburn Minor Hockey Association (BMHA) boundaries in playing either house league or competitive hockey.

Should you be registering in the BMHA?  Check our BMHA Boundaries page or the HEO League Locator site here.


Coaches are Team Officials and are automatically members of the BMHA and therefore subject to the Rules, Duties and Regulations, Constitution and By-­?Laws of Hockey Canada, ODMHA, GHA and the BMHA, including but not limited to the following:

1. "Team Officials" refers to the Head Coach, Assistant coaches, Trainer and Manager and are each responsible for attending a Speak Out clinic and submitting a Police Records Check form;
2. Head Coaches, as selected by the BMHA Executive, are responsible for obtaining their team officials;

3. Competitive Head and Assistant Coaches must have received valid Speak Out and Coaching Certification prior to their first league game of the current season. House League Coaches have a 30 day window after the first game to get their Speak Out and Coaches Clinics, as long as they have signed up for both. All new IP Instructors must attend an IP Instructor Clinic within 30 days of their first IP Session. BMHA will reimburse team officials for registration fees associated with attending these mandatory clinics, payable upon presentation of the appropriate receipt;

4. Head coaches are responsible to ensure that a qualified trainer is at each "on-­?ice" session, including the very first practice at the beginning of the season. If the team designated Trainer has not been certified, at the very start of the season, the Head Coach is responsible to ensure that a qualified Trainer is available to fill their spot in the mean time;

5. Team Officials are responsible to become familiar with all of the various rules, regulations and particularly the playing rules of Hockey Canada, ODMHA, GHA and BMHA;

6. Coaches are responsible and accountable for instructing their team in accordance with the BMHA Hockey Development Program applicable to their level;

7. Coaches are responsible and accountable for applying BMHA By-­?Law No. 17 with respect to equal ice-­? time for all of their players;
8. Head Coaches are responsible, prior to the commencement of the league schedule, to hold a meeting with the parents. At this meeting the program for the season shall be outlined and discussed, obtaining agreement by all concerned with regards to team expenses involving tournaments, purchase of additional ice-­?time, etc. The Division Convenor is required to be in attendance. Specifically, Head Coaches are to ensure that the agenda for this meeting, as a minimum, includes:

a. Introduction of the Division Convenor and description of their role;

b. Selection of Assistant Coaches, Trainer and Team Manager - as well as a description of their roles;

c. BMHA equal ice-­?time By-­?Law No. 17;

d. Practice ice purchases and tournament policies;

e. Yearly budget, as determined by the parents;

f. BMHA Hockey Development Program, as applicable to the team;

g. Team rules, as determined by the parents;

h. Special Equipment requirements/purchases;

i. Complaint process and the order of communications.

9. Head Coaches are responsible, prior to the commencement of the league schedule, to hold a team meeting with the players to review and discuss roles of team officials, fair play and safety pledge, team rules, and the season plan as appropriate to the respective age group;

10. Coaches are responsible to ensure that players are not on the ice until the arena staff has completed any on-­?ice work, have left the ice and closed their gates. A team official must accompany the team to and from the dressing room and must be present whenever players are in the dressing room;

11. Coaches are responsible to ensure that players are not permitted on the ice without the standard hockey equipment as approved by Hockey Canada, the ODMHA and the BMHA;

12. Head Coaches are responsible for collecting from the BMHA Equipment Director, at the beginning of each season, all sweaters, pucks, and any other (goalie) equipment. Then, at the conclusion of each season, they are responsible for the return of same;

13. Head Coaches have the authority to hand out suspensions, penalties, etc. not to exceed one game per player per season. The player has the right to appeal directly to the BMHA Head of Discipline regarding any Coach imposed discipline received;

14. Players who are unable to control their temper on and off the ice should be given special attention by the Team Officials and, in problem cases, the Head coach is responsible to consult with the BMHA Head of Discipline;

15. Cases of flagrant misconduct, intoxication, drugs (use or sale), public displays of anger, or other actions deemed to be sufficiently severe by any Team Official shall be reported immediately to the Head of Discipline;

16. All protests or appeals to GHA or BMHA will be submitted in writing to the BMHA President or Head of Discipline (as suitable to the occasion) within 48 hours after the game or incident. A copy of the protest or complaint must be forwarded to the Division Convenor and Appeal fees, as determined by GHA or BMHA, must accompany the protest or appeal;

17. It must be recognized that Head Coaches may not always be available, and Assistant Coaches may be required to act as Head Coach for some games and/or practices. All such occurrences should be reported to the Division Convenor, prior to the occasion and regardless that the Head Coach is still responsible to prepare the game or practice plan for the event(s) that they will be missing;

18. Head coaches are responsible for the ensuring the implementation of Season Plans in keeping with BMHA's long term development program and any direction from the Director of Development; and updating the Convenor and Director of Development on progress relative to Season Plan.

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Sponsorship Manager
Game Administration