Team Roles

The BMHA is a volunteer based organization. All of our Coaches, Managers, and other Team Officials; as well as members of the BMHA Board of Directors are dedicated volunteers.

Each team requires 6 to 8 volunteers. There are many interesting roles available each season. The Rules, Duties & Regulations document outlines all of the job descriptions for volunteer positions. What a great way to get more involved in your child's activities, as well as to support your local hockey community!

All volunteers must have completed a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) with Ottawa Police Services (OPS) prior to working with the players in the BMHA.  The application can be made on-line on Ottawa Police Service website here. The OPS requires that an acknowledgement from the BMHA be provided as part of the application. Click here to download the Volunteer Acknowledgement Letter from the BMHA, complete it and have it available when completing the VSC request. Once the check has been completed please direct the result to

To volunteer for Head Coach or Assistance Coach please have your NCCP number on hand and apply using the button below.

To volunteer for Trainer, Manager or Treasurer please use the button below.

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Head Coach

As Head Coach you are largely responsible for the day to day management and operations of the Team.  Your responsibilities extend beyond the management of the players on the ice and practice management.  You are the glue that binds the team together.



Find resources for Coaches here



The Team Manager is a central figure in creating the flow of communication – not only within the team (players, parents and coaches), but between the team and all support systems such as the Minor Hockey Association, Convenors, League Managers, other teams, referees and officials.



Find more resources for Managers here.



As Team Trainer you are responsible for the health and well being of your players.  Ensuring that all players are properly equiped and prepared for each game or practice.  It is your repsonsibility to ensure that players are attended to in the event of injury on the ice and are fit to play for every outing.







Find more and resources for Trainers here.


Jersey Manager

As team jersey manager you are responsibile for the care and transport of the team jerseys.  The BMHA strongly ecourages that jerseys are not left in the care of individual players and that they are maintained by one individual or family.  Jersey mangager are responsible for making sure that the jerseys are clean, aired out and presentable at each game.

Jersey managers are also responsible for making sure that the appropriate home or away jerseys show up for players at every game.

To volunteer for this position contact your team's Head Coach.


Assistant Coach

As Assistant coach you are responsible for supporting the head coach.  Helping to lead practices.  Support your players during the game. And to support the Head Coach as required.




Find resources for Coaches here


The Team Treasurer works closely with the Head Coach and Team Manager to control the finances of the team.  They are responsible for opening the team bank account, gathering the team fees and sponsorship funds, issuing payments for expenses and informing the coach and manager on the state of the teams financial affairs.


Find more information for Treasurers here.


Sponsorship Manager

The team sponsorship and fundraising manger the the point person for seeking out team sponsorship opportunities.  Each team has expenses that need to be paid for such as tournaments, outings, parties, trophies etc.  The cost of these expenses are generally covered by the team fees charged to each family.  Sponsorship funds help to supplement the cost of these expense.

So if you are well creative, organized, outgoing and/or well connected you might be a good fit for this position. Please refer to the resources below

Association's Sponsorship Guidelines

Sample Sponsorship Letter

Companies offering fundraising products



Team photographers have the privilege of capturing those previous moments of glory and joy as our kids play our national winter sport.  Special moments captured and shared enhance the enjoyment and experience of both parents and players alike.  Although not every team is previleged enough to have a parent willing to document the teams efforts, those who do  can enjoy the experience, even after the season is long done.

To volunteer for this position contact your team's Head Coach.